Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings: Over

The sunny, raw sounds of Cloud Nothings come from an enigmatic Clevelander named Dylan, who formerly made music under the name of Cat Killer. Like many lo-fi artists of the late 2000s -particularly Wavves, Women, and Neon Tongues-, Dylan took interest in reviving cassette culture, releasing his singles on tape and embracing a maxed-out recording technique in his blissful music. Cloud Nothings' eight-song debut, Turn It On, was released in a limited run of 50 CDs and 100 cassettes in 2009. Those songs and those from 2010 EP were collected on Cloud Nothings' Carpark debut Turning On in October 2010. Cloud Nothings' self-titled album followed in January 2011. -Rovi