This Day and Age

This Day and Age: Over

Day and Age is a Buffalo, NY-based band whose music combines acoustic piano with soaring electric guitar riffs. Each song is a well crafted lyrical story board that envelopes the listener. TDA's live show is dominating and their energy contagious - just ask any of the 500 plus fans that frequently attend their hometown shows.

Forming in 2001, the band, Jeff Martin (vocals, guitar), Steven Padni (drums, piano), Michael Carroll (guitar), and Kenny Campbell (bass), began to flesh out the songs that would soon get them opening slots on bills for Taking Back Sunday, Midtown and Action! Action!. Shows segued into dates on the road with bands such as MXPX and Mae. It was the band's incessant dedication to both the stage and the writing process that originally earned them the attention of the Orlando, FL-based One Eleven Records.

Signing with the label in 2002, the band immediately got to work on its freshman release. After condensing the introspective, yet pop sensible nature of their music into thirteen watertight tracks, ...Always Leave The Ground was born. Now with the album pressed, all that's left to do is to run the train over the tracks that have been laid.