Laura Mvula is nieuwe ambassadrice MTV Staying Alive Foundation

De MTV Staying Alive Foundation houdt zich bezig met het stoppen van de verspreiding van HIV en AIDS onder jonge mensen en vandaag mogen we bekendmaken dat de nieuwste celebrity ambassadrice van de Foundation de Britse zangeres Laura Mvula zal zijn! Ze zal als ambassadrice van MTV Staying Alive mensen over de hele wereld helpen ze bewust te maken van het HIV- en AIDS-probleem en donaties werven om het probleem aan te pakken.

“Becoming an ambassador for MTV Staying Alive is a great honour for me. It’s so important that we work harder than ever to increase awareness about HIV among young people. We need to work together to ensure that our future generations are empowered, particularly young people, so they can protect themselves against HIV.

Raising up our girls and women is something I’ve been focussing on a lot recently and it’s something I tried to express in Phenomenal Woman. First and foremost girls and young women should have access to information and know that they can make their own choices and part of why I’m involved with MTV Staying Alive is because they’re getting the message out to a very wide audience. Girls are disproportionately affected by HIV, with nearly two thirds of all new infections among young people being girls, so I hope that in my role as Ambassador I’ll be able to encourage them." – Laura Mvula

Meer info over de foundation? Klik hier.

donderdag, 05 mei 2016