Amber: Over

Amber is the mother of 2 year-old Leah. She continues to struggle with her relationship with on- and off-again boyfriend and father of her child, Gary. When Amber is charged with domestic violence, their days are immediately filled with court dates and meetings with Child Protective Services. Amber has to put aside her dreams of finally receiving a high school diploma to handle legal situations she never thought possible. After realizing there's a chance she could lose custody of her daughter, she quickly makes some changes.Amber takes a positive step and finds a brand new house for her and Leah where she sets up a princess themed room. With these changes, Amber and Leah's relationship begins to grow. After years of doing it all without her parents she starts to lean on her mother, Tonya, for some support. But even with more support, Amber still struggles to balance being a young mom, tougher adult responsibilities, possible jail time, and maintaining a stable relationship with Gary.