Farrah: Over

Farrah is a culinary student and aspiring model who wants to accomplish it all for her daughter, Sophia. Farrah has been fortunate enough to have her parents, Debra and Michael, to help with childcare - which makes it easier for her to go after her goals, including graduating with an Associates Degree in culinary arts & culinary management. Wanting to become more independent, Farrah pursues her modeling career, but being a model and full-time mom isn't as easy as she originally thought.As her parents continue to judge her every move, Farrah has to re-evaluate if her hometown has everything she wants. It's always been a luxury for Farrah to have her parents involved with raising Sophia and she knows that by moving away she won't have that support system. Because of this, Farrah's mom Debra isn't always supportive of Farrah exploring other states to live in; she worries that her family will be torn apart. In addition to constantly dealing with her own family, Farrah for the first time is faced with some unexpected demands from Sophia's father's family --almost two years after his passing. As Sophia approaches her second birthday, being a teen mom proves to be even more of a challenge for Farrah.